8 May 2011

You are the greatest thing a man could have
You always with me, surfing this billow of life
You are the shoulder to lean on and catch me as I fell
You radiate the darkness with your faith, give me mountains of hope
You hammered me right, keeping my feet on the ground
You are the spirit in me, the main driving force behind my inspiration
You nurture the strength in me, preparing me to face the future
You flourish me up with confidence, virtue grow in me
You make the days brighter, the vital piece in my amazing jigsaw puzzle of life
You are the one with a vision who plucked me from obscurity
You are the lyrics that complete my songs, syllables of my rhythm and the rhyme for my poems
You are my mother, my remedy for life.
I love you, Mother!

-all the best for you and may Allah bless everyday of your life-

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